Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One Nite in Alexandria - And No, Not Egypt

Tonite's nite was spent on business in the ever-not-so-happening Alexandria, VA.
Ok. So if I weren't on business it would be more fun. Maybe. You're a Chatty Munky, not a Bitchy Munky.
Get over it.

Tonight was a real life affirmer.

I went for a late dinner at the bar (b/c that's all that was open at 9:45pm on a Tues nite in Alex, VA).
I met a guy named John at the bar. He was obviously already pretty blasted -- and had a broken foot. So one had to ask - was it the booze or the oxy or both?
I say: I don't think it mattered.

When I asked him how he broke his foot, he said he didn't remember . . . b/c he was, well, too drunk at the time.
Get the pic?

Then there was a more regular guy -- who also was named John -- who happened to sit on the other side of me and who happened to be from MN.

He found the whole thing entertaining -- and I found him to be a reassuring safe haven.

Not that I was worried about John #1.
As it were.

It was a good time giving John #1 crap -- and seeing MN John chuckle out of the corner of my eye.

It became apparent that broke leg John was trying to get me drunk - clue #1? He told the bartender to pour his bottle of (crappy) chardonnay into my glass of sauvignon blanc. And then was surprised I noticed. Hello? There is more than a dial tone on this side of the line, thankyouverymuch.

Then came along another group looking for drinks - and in the lead was this TOTALLY sweet guy Jeramy. We chatted and clicked immediately. Not sure what I said to him, but it was (shocking) something smarta$$. He took a half step back and said "I *like* you!". Ditto, dear.

He'd spent a few years in Sydney - and despite being from MS - I could hear no hint of a Southern accent. Only a Southern hemisphere accent. Off we went on a side bar -- chat, chat, chat.

I gave Jeramy my number - in full view of broke leg John (yes - on purpose). I'm not worried about Jeramy's intentions, as let's say I suspect I couldn't possibly be his type. ;-)

At the end, Jeramy's group was leaving, and so I took it as my opportunity to use Jeramy's group in a pick play to get outta there w/o some weird slobbery moment with broke leg John (MN John was long gone, bless his heart). And broke leg John said to Jeramy's group "Can I come along drinking with you?"

And off they went.

For me - back to the room. And sleepless way too late.

But in my munky's mind's eye I can imagine them down on King St in Old Town . .  at Murphy's.

God bless the bartender.


And - why not, indeed?

Frustration beyond the beyond.
Let's get this party started, no?
I said "I need a hobby."
Here it is.